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Daniel Associates – Intelligent financial advice

For over thirty years we have been creating happier, more prosperous futures for clients of every kind.

Now we could do the same for you.

Because you can be certain of one thing; that if your money is sitting in a bank account, the interest it is earning will not be keeping pace with inflation – and it will be losing value every day.

Get in touch with us and we will help you to make the most of your money and get it working to deliver the kind of future you deserve.

A clear plan

We have a clear, flexible Central Investment Proposition where we work alongside major ‘Blue Chip’, highly respected investment professionals to produce successful outcomes for clients at an affordable price.

We talk with you, we understand your personal ambitions and we try to understand what is keeping you awake at night.Then we put together a plan that’s designed to take you where you want to go, fine-tuning it as your circumstances change.

Whatever your goals (even if you don’t know you even have goals!), we make sure that you don’t have all of your eggs in one basket and we diversify your investments across many different asset classes to smooth out the ups and downs of the world’s markets (in other words ‘market volatility’) Quite simply, we work very hard to make sure that your money is safe and that it is working as hard for you as it possibly can.


The world of Pensions, ISAs, Unit Trusts, Bonds and all of the many different ‘investment vehicles’ is full of jargon and complex technical language – but really they are all ways of working towards the same goal - making your money grow.

We’ll explain what you need to know about tax, to ensure that you are getting the very best value for money from your money. And we apply the same no-nonsense approach whether you are talking about a pension, an investment, a mortgage, your inheritance planning, your insurance and family protection or any other aspect of managing your money.

Your future happiness is our focus

The most basic financial decisions can have a big effect on your future. Pay more into an ISA – get more tax-free income in retirement. Leave more money to those you love - by making better decisions today. Reduce the tax you pay as a business owner by making cleverer plans for your retirement.

It’s not rocket science, it’s not brain surgery but it is the product of a lifetime of explaining the complexities of the ever-changing world of pensions, investments, mortgages and insurance in a way that lets people make the right decisions for them.

Quite simply, it’s our job to make sure that your financial future is the best it can possibly be.

How you become a client of Daniel Associates

It’s worth outlining the way that we prefer to work with you - so that you have a sense of what to expect and understand the steps on the way.


Our first conversation

We always start by understanding you and your needs – and the best way to do that is by talking with you face to face. You may want to bring your partner along, if we’re likely to be working on behalf of you both.

Our goal is to understand your circumstances – not just the facts and figures of where you are today, but also the clearest possible picture of how you see your future.


Putting it down in writing

After our conversation, we will write to you confirming everything that we discussed and the things that we agreed on as the next steps.


Getting into the detail

We need to fully understand and appreciate the full financial detail concerning your decisions and choices so far, and we will ask you for any further information and, importantly, for your opinions on the options that are open to you.


Doing the maths!

As soon as we feel that we have a complete understanding of your situation and life-time goals, we analyse and review the information we have and create your Financial Plan - and if appropriate, make our written recommendations to you as to what tax wrappers and investments we think will suit you best


Talking it through

We get together again to discuss your detailed Financial Plan, mapping out the ways we hope to reach your goals and make your money work as hard as possible for you.


Making it happen

After our second conversation (or as many conversations as your unique circumstances require), we will go back and review your plan making sure that we have the right investments and services in place and that we have created the best possible tax arrangements for you. When we have, you ‘press the button’ and we get cracking.


Lovely to meet you again (and again, and again…)

If you haven’t worked with a financial adviser before you may not realise that we don’t just recommend investments for you and then disappear. On the contrary, we’ll work with you on an ongoing basis to ensure that your investments always remain relevant and appropriate to your changing needs.

We will always agree the next date and time that we plan on getting together to revisit your Financial Plan. Why? Because your personal circumstances will keep on changing (as will the world) and we need to make sure that we are taking into account how your goals and ambitions change – and how we can use all of our skills and experience to keep you on track and keep your money working for you, year after year after year.

It’s simple, it’s straightforward and it’s all designed to help you create a better future for you and those you care about.

Make a measurable difference to your finances

Research shows that using a financial adviser like Daniel Associates makes a quantifiable difference to your returns. Take a look at these figures collated by Portfolio Metrix in their White paper ‘The Insider’s Guide To The Value Of Advice’:

Vanguard estimate that advisers can add

3% per annum

in net returns for their clients. Their study also made the important point that the most significant opportunities for an adviser to add value do not present themselves every single year, so it’s important to have an ongoing advice relationship.

Russell Investments estimate that advisers can add

4.4% per annum

in net returns for their clients through a combination of preventing mistakes, better financial planning, smarter tax advice and rebalancing.

The International Longevity Centre has been running a multi-year study on this topic. Here are their most significant conclusions:

“Taking advice has added £2.5bln to people’s savings and investments.”

“An ongoing relationship with a financial adviser leads to better financial outcomes, those clients who received ongoing advice had pension wealth


than those who took one-off advice.”

“The benefits of advice outweigh any costs associated with it. Once clients understand this it will no longer be seen as expensive.”

“The simple fact is those who take advice are likely to be richer in retirement.”

The University of Montreal estimates that the savings of someone using a financial adviser will be


over a 15-year period in comparison with those of someone who doesn’t. Even over a shorter time frame of 5 years, people using an adviser will achieve a savings pot 1.58x the size of those who don’t.

Who will be working for you?

Here at Daniel Associates we have worked hard to put together the friendliest, most professional team we can, to make sure that we have all of the specific expertise we need to make your money work harder for you. You may not meet everyone, but you can rest assured they will be working on your behalf…

Don’t take our word for it!

Here’s what some of our long-term clients have to say:

  • “Dan has managed my financial ‘stuff’ for more years than I care to remember.  My father introduced us, as he wanted me to have someone I got along with well and could trust when he was no longer with us!  Well – my Dad is still here and he was spot on – Dan has given me endless support, takes the time to really understand one’s circumstances and goals in life.  And it is all done in a friendly, lively and efficient way, with not too much paperwork to wade through. The bottom line is that I trust him implicitly to give the best advice and I know my financial affairs are in good hands.“  
    — Sarah Skelton, Director, Active Plane Training Ltd
  • "Daniel has managed my finances for over thirty years. Throughout this time, Daniel has provided me with first class advice and guidance, which is reflected in the performance of my portfolio over this time. Daniel is one of those exceptional professionals I have complete trust in, and I have no hesitation in recommending Daniel's services."
    — Mark Dykes, Cross Industry Client Unit Delivery Leader, Global Technology Services, Strategic Outsourcing
  • "I've known Dan for over twenty years and have found him to be an absolute pleasure to deal with.  I have, over the years, recommended him and his services to a number of my close friends and have no hesitation in continuing to do so.  His experience and wise counsel in all stock market conditions has always been helpful and constructive."
    — Trevor Cheal, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Spire Platform Services
  • “Tony Vessey has been my professional financial and wealth management advisor for over 25 years. His extensive financial planning expertise and investment market knowledge is of the highest calibre borne from a lifetime’s experience within the industry. Tony’s attention to tailoring strategy and advice to specific client needs and personal requirements is outstanding.”
    — Paul Kemp, Senior Signalman with Railtrack
  • “Tony has been my mortgage advisor for 15 years and the quality of service I have received has always been exemplary. From finding the best deal on renewal ,to helping me find a great rate for my own home as well as assisting massively in facilitating the buy to let mortgages, the advice has always been well-researched, easily actioned and best of all, financially viable. Always amiable and efficient, it’s great to receive such quality service in an often-complex financial landscape.”
    — Morgan Rees, Journalist
  • “Tony has been my Financial Advisor since 2003 and has provided invaluable guidance on my finances since then. This was particularly important to me when my Husband died in 2010. Tony provided his time, help and support to ease some of the financial issues at such a difficult time. He has been instrumental in helping me maintain a small property portfolio and also with some Investments for both myself and my new husband. We look forward to Tony continuing to help us in the future. I cannot recommend him highly enough!”
    — Karen Christian-Adams, Property Manager

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