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Investment planning is at the heart of everything we do.

How Inflation shrinks savings

As we have already said, the great truth about your money is that if it’s sitting in a bank cash deposit account earning less interest than inflation, it is effectively losing its value every day.

Let’s say you have £100 in a savings account that pays a 1% interest rate. After a year, you will have £101 in your account. But if the rate of inflation is running at 2%, you would need £102 to have the same buying power that you started with. You've gained a pound but lost buying power. Any time your savings don’t grow at the same rate as inflation, you will effectively lose money. You can imagine what impact this has over many years…

Our job is to ensure that your money always working as hard for you as it possibly can – and that usually involves ‘beating the Chancellor of the Exchequer’ by putting it into the most advantageous ‘tax wrapper’ possible. That might mean maximising the amount you have in Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs), putting more money into your pension or protecting it against Inheritance Tax so more of it goes to the people you care about when you are no longer here to enjoy it.

And of course, getting your money working harder for you may also mean considering Unit Trusts, OEICs, Venture Capital Trusts or Investment Bonds. It all depends on your individual circumstances and what you want your money to do for you.

Our initial conversation will help us to plan the right mix – and then every year, or more frequently if your circumstances change, we will review and adjust your financial plan to make sure you are always on target.

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